Sansar Feature Requests


665 Feature Requests on the Sansar website.

I will admit that I have not read all of the Sansar Feature Requests. The Sansar website is challenging to use and the way the Feature Requests are managed makes me wonder how the staff at Linden Lab make use of that information.

Highest Votes for one request is 14

There is a way to vote for your feature requests and add your voice to the conversation. An upvote adds one and a downvote subtracts one from the vote count. You can also add your comments to the conversation. The highest number of votes received by one request is 14, and it is for one of the oldest requests from Ryan Schultz. In January of 2017, Ryan posted this request: Indicate how many avatars are in a particular experience on the Atlas page It would naturally fall under the category related to the Atlas and visitor experience. It is still valid today, and it should get your vote. And it makes us all wonder when if ever Linden Lab with get around to it. They do not have a road map for us to see, so some of the creators have grown weary waiting.

Here is one of the major issues with the Sansar Webpage where you can view the requests. The Feature Requests are not categorized. You can sort them by date, number of votes, and number of comments. But with 665 Feature Request posts there needs to be a way to see the posts that relate to a particular broad category. Those requests related to Content Creation for Sansar need to be separated from the requests related to visitor experience. There are a few other major categories I can think of such as the Atlas, Social and Community features, and the Sansar Store.

I will be looking at the 665 Feature Requests and trying to make some sense of them. I will be reporting on those requests, but I may also post a few polls here to gather feedback from my readers. Please comment if you have something to say on this subject.


No Room For Middle Ground

At first I would have titled this blog post “Thinking Big”¬†after the title I gave this image. But it seemed a bit pretensions. Then I thought about the things I like most. I enjoy both micro and macro – the small and the large. So, there you have it. A few things in the middle ground get my attention, but for now, lets just say I like to focus in very close on the minutia, and I like to step back from things that are so monumental that they deserve our attention.

This is an image from the first experiences that I published in Sansar. Had I not been able to quickly import these huge monuments, I might not have stayed through to the opening of the Creator Beta in Sansar on July 31, 2017.

But here I am creating mesh for upload to Sansar. I even have a few things that are listed in the Sansar Store.

Come visit, or stay to create and build with me.