Looking Forward — The Rear View Mirror

We all know that Linden Lab will choose their own path for Sansar development in 2018, but here is one way of reading the pulse of the current creators who are a part of the Sansar Open Creator Beta.
To summarize the responses from this question: “What missing feature might influence you to consider leaving Sansar if it never gets implemented?”  Here is a look at what will be the deciding factors to make people leave Sansar. These answers may be a way to see into the hearts of those who will come into Sansar in the near future and what may stand as obstacles to visitor and creator retention.

5 — Animations

4 — Avatar Customization

2 — Desktop Mode Improvements

1 — Larger Fonts — (I am not sure if this was desktop Mode or VR mode)

1 — Escape key during Loading or Lookbook

1 — Payments through PayPal

1 — Lack of further improvements to API

1 — Adult Content

2— None or Blank

Below is what was written in the survey response field.

  • Avatar Manager
  • Full avatar customization. By this, I mean actually being able to swap out the human mesh and replace it with a different one of any stature or size (within reason). I should be be able to be a short penguin, or a very tall dragon. Other platforms like High Fidelity or VRChat already make this possible, but not Sansar! This is an essential feature to letting people identify how they wish in their virtual world.
  • Scaleable Avatar size
  • not having total control over your avatar appearance


  • Better desktop mode features
  • …DESKTOP INTERACTIVITY… for traditional roleplaying


  • While loading times you can’t do anything. Feels like I am waiting a lot. And I can’t stop process if I decide I wanna quit. Not in lookbook nor while loading an experience, there should be a function to quit without shut down.


  • Bigger font / readable UI.


  • Animations
  • Animation
  • Animation, and the ability to sit. It is direly needed.
  • Animation
  • Animation


  • Adult content


  • Payment through PayPal


  • none


  • API does not get any more features.