The Sansar Roadmap

The Hard Shell of the Nut

Let’s look at the feature requests on the Sansar Forum. Go ahead. Take a look. You will find about 480 requests or “posts”. A few of these posts are duplicates, or they are so similar that they will result in the same feature when Linden Lab implements them. I have been reading them from the first to the last. A few posts we could call void because the functionality is or was already in Sansar. There are not many of those. And only a couple of posts are marked as Completed. The Sansar Team driving the bus has not been using the forum as much as the creators have.

Have you voted?


When the creators vote either up or down, this give all the readers of the post an idea of the priority that creators place of the subject of the post.  If you want to add your own voice to the conversation, you might write a few words in the comments, but that is your choice. At least vote for the ones that are of interest to you. You can ever sort the posts based on the number of votes.

Sort By

Imagine taking a trip on a tour bus and the driver is being bombarded by a bunch of rowdy people on the bus shouting at him to “turn here, go there, hurry up.” They all got on the bus thinking it would take them for a nice ride to Virtual Reality. And the Feature Requests area of the Sansar Forum is like the Public Address system on the bus. The bus driver should use it constantly to keep the passengers informed of what is coming up on the road ahead.

By my own count, there are about 480 feature requests as of 9/17/17 and they are generally features that are by and for creators. But if you look at the top four vote-getters that have 10 or more votes, three of them are related to the social aspect of Sansar like: How Many Avatars In An Experience, Party Option To Avoid Instantiation, and Search In The People App. And look at the age of those requests. Three of the four are over Seven  months old.

A hard case surrounding the kernel of nutritional help inside.

The hard shell of the nut. In spite of the tools available to Linden Lab in the Zendesk Forum, the posts and all the interest in them by the creators have no value when the tools are not being used.  I filtered by Planned and Not Planned. Nothing is marked either way. Then I filtered for No Status and nearly all of the posts have not been marked with any status. There might not be so much interest in a road map if the Zendesk application was receiving more attention than it is. What is so hard about clicking a couple times to assign a status? Surely someone at linden lab know where we are going. After all, whenever we have meetings in an experience, the often heard request from the Sansar Team is that we should submit a feature request on the Forum.

Now, Get Out and Vote!

The highest vote-getter of the 480 posts has only 13 votes. This indicates lack of participation from the creators. So, using the Zendesk Forum to its fullest is a shared responsibility. We have to start somewhere to crack through the hard outer shell and get to the nutmeat inside. Voting for the posts that are the most important to us is the fasted way to get a Partial Roadmap using the tools we already have.


Written later… a Postscript

There are 135 Feature Requests that have no votes at all. So, the original author has not voted for his own feature request. We all have to get behind our own ideas and promote them by voting for them. Have you voted for your requests?