Knowledge Base vs Community Forum

XYZ RGB Axis 2018 in Blender


We have all become familiar with the fundamental orientation of the X,Y, and Z axis in Sansar. So there should be no need to review this for experienced creators. And when a fellow creator becomes disoriented in relation to the three dimensional axis, many of us are generous with our time and try to help the other creators. I was recently helped by someone on a simple Blender issue who kindly said: “…everyone needs a 2nd pair of eyes sometimes.”


Official Documents

This article is about how official documentation from the Sansar team differs from the help we receive from each other. The community help is best suited for when we cannot see something that others have seen before. We first look for the answer where we intuitively think it should be and keep looking till we think that asking for help is the best solution. Thank you to all those creators who help each other. The need for official documentation is something different.


Library? Or Books on Shelves?

The Knowledge Base for Sansar creators is often referred by that name but there is no sign over the door. It is like a building with books in it that is available to the public with a confusing sign over the door that reads: “Books on Shelves” We thought the place was a Public Library, but they thought it needed a fresh way to describe it.


The Sansar Chimera

Sansar seems to think that their Knowledge Base should be placed on an even footing with the Community Forum. Actually it is reversed. When you read the header of the Official Sansar Help Page it says this: Sansar | Help – Support, Community Forums, and Knowledge Base. So the knowledge Base is listed second of the two. And the part that is relevant to creators is not called the Knowledge Base, but its heading is written: Creating in Sansar. Are you confused yet? There is no Sansar Knowledge Base.

The need for documentation that comes directly from Sansar is vital. They are the arbiter of how we are given the facts. Their documentation should have no grey areas or room for interpretation. The official Sansar documentation should be robust and rock solid. With official documentation, everyone gets equal access to it from the beginning of their entry into Sansar.


Thank you!

I appreciate help from other creators. Thank you! But a well written document from Sansar that is clearly labeled “Knowledge Base” will reduce the need for helping each other and make creating in Sansar more like fun.