Broken, Taken, or Lost?

pexels-photo-262488.jpegUpdate 9-8-17

In the latest Sansar update that was pushed out on 9-8-17, Linden Lab succeeded in breaking a number of things. Scripts that had worked in the past no longer work. Some creators reported objects in their experiences had moved while other objects stayed in place. And other creators reported that nothing had moved. Several people had issues getting into their experiences. One person had texture upload issues.

And the heart of this post is less about what got broken or the bugs in the new features as it is about what has changed in the Knowledge Base that is used by creators.

Going Going Gone

There should be no reason for creators to search for documentation and find that it at some unknown time has disappeared . One of the most challenging discoveries is to find that links which have lead you to an asset (in this case two scripts) changed and the things they had previously linked to are now Gone. POOF. Unavailable. We rely on going back to previous articles to retrace our steps and look for things that we have seen there in the past.

This was the case with the article about configuring the teleport scrips. There had been links to two teleport scripts and now the links simply point down the page to a part of the post on that subject. The two teleport sample scripts cannot be found anywhere in the Knowledge Base.

Where is the Library?

In the bug report on this issue, OldVamp writes that the scripts are gone. The title of his bug report is “Library scripts are gone“. I think the key issue here is that there is no library. There is a short list of Sample Scripts in Sansar but the two teleport scripts were never there in the first place. We should all lobby for a more robust Script Library that includes well written examples that we can all learn from.


This is where we need your help

Even if you do not plan to do any of your own scripting, you can create requests for features that other creators need. The more feature requests for the same or similar features will hopefully influence Linden Lab to respond to our needs. Write feature requests for a robust Script Library in your own words.