The Academy of Virtual Reality Arts and Science

I recently had a short conversation with a fellow creator and the topic turned to tutorials. I think that all creators have relied on tutorials as a way to learn their craft. Some of our best creators have been working with computer graphics for several years. But there are many creators who are just now joining the ranks of the creative community and need some good tutorials. And that got me to thinking that we should give awards to those who develop high quality tutorial.

And that is when I uttered this: Maybe we should start (and all join) the Academy of Virtual Reality Arts and Science and give out an annual (or quarterly) “Lindie”.

I often let my ideas stew for a while before I test them out on the general population in Second Life or Sansar. But now I am ready to open the dialog and see what you think.

Linden Lab has created contests and offered some really nice prizes for creators in an effort to prime the pump and get the waters of creativity flowing. Even with the limited tools that are currently available in the Creators Open Beta of Sansar, we are seeing some really exceptional creations and experiences.

At some point Linden Lab with stop offering prizes and that is when the creators who toil in this medium should step forward and recognize the best among us.

Would you support and participate in The Academy of Virtual Reality Arts and Science?

Your comments are welcome.


EDIT 9/9/2017

Here is a link to the AVRAS website: