Tips and Tricks – Just say no, please!


After just a few blog posts, I am going to go out on a limb and try a short rant. I hope you will comment if it strikes a resonant chord with you.

Do you own any cookbooks with the phrase “Tips and Tricks” in the title? When you open the cookbook and wish to make a stew, do you go directly to the tips and tricks on how to cut the carrots or measure a teaspoon of salt? And why is it that these Tips and Tricks are not a common part of a recipe? It is simple. The recipe is for the entire stew, not just a few of the individual parts.

This is very much like creating a 3D model to be imported into Sansar. NO! WAIT! It is EXACTLY like creating mesh models for Sansar. I want to know all 57 ingredients and the precise order in which to assemble the mesh. And I want to know all the messy details involved in importing my wonderful work of art into Sansar.

So… if you please… skip the tips. And leave the tricks to the magicians. Give me the entire recipe. Please!