No Room For Middle Ground

At first I would have titled this blog post “Thinking Big”¬†after the title I gave this image. But it seemed a bit pretensions. Then I thought about the things I like most. I enjoy both micro and macro – the small and the large. So, there you have it. A few things in the middle ground get my attention, but for now, lets just say I like to focus in very close on the minutia, and I like to step back from things that are so monumental that they deserve our attention.

This is an image from the first experiences that I published in Sansar. Had I not been able to quickly import these huge monuments, I might not have stayed through to the opening of the Creator Beta in Sansar on July 31, 2017.

But here I am creating mesh for upload to Sansar. I even have a few things that are listed in the Sansar Store.

Come visit, or stay to create and build with me.