Building Stuff For Use In A Virtual World

Yup! it’s the tag line for this blog. So, for all of you head-scratchers out there wondering, I thought I would reflect on this concept.

Stuff can mean just about anything. It is a fun word. We all do stuff, and we make stuff. It doesn’t much matter if we build it, or create it, or buy it. Our virtual lives are full of stuff just the way our real lives are full of stuff.

The other significant word in my tag line is “use”. What good is stuff if we cannot use it. Now here is where the puzzle becomes complex. My stuff is more tangible if you can use that word to describe virtual stuff. That is what makes me a builder. I have met many artists who are the true creators in Sansar. They create 3D magic that inspires awe and wonder. They write stories and weave them into their experiences. They lead you on a journey or create games to test your skills. Those are the true creators in Sansar. I am a builder. Still other creators compose and perform music. Others have talent at creating textures and light and darkness. When Sansar makes it possible we will see artists who bring their art to life with particles and scripts. We can expect to see artists creating fine clothing and jewelry and avatar shapes and skins and makeup and hair. And we will dance and run and maybe even fly some day. All thanks to the great creators in Sansar.

And I make stuff. I may make things in Sansar that I was never able to make before. I just can’t predict what I will make.

The photo above is of something from my other virtual life. Some of you may know me from Linden Lab’s other virtual world Second Life. There I was the same as I am now. I was and am a builder. Most builders are able to identify with a tool such as a hammer even if they do not use that tool regularly.

And then I attached a script to my hammer that allowed me to grasp this hammer in my hand. Of course it was in my left hand. I them made a right hand hammer for other people who had that preference. And I would ask friends and new acquaintances: “Are you right handed or left handed?” And everyone answered the question. They never refused me an answer to this simple Left-Right question. Every avatar who I asked had a dominant hand in their virtual life even though their avatar obviously did not have a dominant hand in their virtual world.

When I become skilled at shaping mesh into a hammer, I hope to continue this tradition of gifting this hammer to you in Sansar, and I hope you will accept it in the spirit that is is given. It is a souvenir of a shared experience with me in Sansar.